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Clean, fresh water is not only essential to human life, it is also vital to agricultural, industrial and recreational applications as well as environmental conservation.

Watera is an international company based in Luxembourg that has been active in the water treatment market since 1963. With more than 60 years of experience and a vertically integrated manufacturing approach, Watera applies stringent quality control procedures and can meet the most pressing delivery times. In parallel, Watera’s high operational efficiency enables Watera to optimize the solutions it offers to its clients.

Indicative of Watera’s size and long-term record of success is the total installed capacity of Reverse Osmosis desalination plants which exceeds 400.000 m3/day. Of this, 40% is for seawater and the remaining 60% for high brackish and brackish water. The total installed capacity of filtration plants exceeds 800.000 m3/day while the total capacity of Deionization & Electrodeionization plants installed by Watera exceeds 50.000 m3/day


Water, essential for every activity: Since 1963, Watera has been supplying state-of-the-art water treatment and water re-cycling systems and solutions that successfully meet its clients' most demanding needs.


Systems & Solutions for every need: Based on its long experience and extensive know-how, built over its more than 60-year history, Watera is uniquely well positioned to satisfy even the most demanding water treatment requirements.

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