Clean, fresh water is not only essential for human life; it’s also vital in agricultural, industrial, and recreational applications, and in preserving the environment. Additionally, water available from nature is rarely suitable for drinking or for meeting the various demanding needs of the industrial sector. Treating water and making it suitable for specific uses and applications is a critical requirement in today’s world.

Watera is an international company headquartered in Luxembourg, that has been active in the water treatment market since 1963. In addition to Luxembourg, Watera Group is directly present, through wholly owned subsidiaries, in a number of countries in Eastern and Southern Europe, including Italy, Greece, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria, and it is also active in the Middle East, Far East and Africa.

Since its founding, Watera has been dedicated to providing the technical and scientific solutions that ensure that water, regardless of its source and characteristics, is treated to meet the highest standards needed for its intended use. Today, with the extensive experience and the unique know-how that Watera has built over its more than fifty year history, it is extremely well positioned and capable to readily address and satisfy even the most demanding water treatment needs.

On many occasions, Watera Group companies have been recognized for providing innovative and effective solutions that successfully addressed even the most difficult and challenging water treatment requirements. Individual Watera companies in different countries have earned numerous awards for their innovative and highly energy efficient water treatment plant designs, and their advanced automated monitoring and control systems.

In fact, based on its experience and know-how, as well as its impressive reference list, Watera can rightfully be designated as the “Water Specialists”.