About us

From Raw to Pure: Watera's Journey of Water Treatment Innovation

Earth's total water volume is about 1.4 billion cubic kilometers. However, only 200,000 km3, or 0.015%, is usable freshwater. Meanwhile, water use has grown over twice as fast as population growth. As water becomes essential for more processes and products, nature's supply rarely meets specific requirements. This is where Watera steps in, applying advanced technologies to treat water for customer needs. 

Watera aims to be a global leader in water treatment by developing, manufacturing, and supplying technologically advanced, durable, high-quality systems that efficiently and effectively satisfy customer specifications. 

To achieve this vision, Watera adopted core values of professionalism, continuous improvement, and teamwork that guide daily decisions. By adhering to these, Watera has successfully delivered numerous solutions from household filters to large industrial plants, earning superior customer satisfaction.

Watera's main assets are its knowledgeable engineering staff, vertically integrated manufacturing capability, production facilities designed specifically for water treatment systems, and partnerships with leading component suppliers. An R&D center also boosts Watera's expertise.

Municipalities and communities have used Watera to treat unsuitable fresh or seawater into drinking water. Industries like power, oil/gas, food/beverage, textile, and pharmaceuticals rely on Watera to produce water suitable for their products and processes. Hotels, hospitals, and homes install Watera systems to ensure clean, pure water.

Over the years, more organizations and individuals have trusted Watera's experience to provide tailored water treatment, from large industrial applications to small household systems. Watera makes the difference in turning raw water sources into pure, usable water.