Watera International

In its first year of operation, Watera’s Desalination Plant at Chios Island produced 450.000 m3 of potable water

The Chios Municipality seawater desalination plant, designed, manufactured and installed by Watera,

in its first year of operation, completed in August 2020, produced almost 450.000 m3 of potable water.  This water covered the ever increasing needs of the island’s permanent inhabitants and visitors.  The Plant consists of 2 separate lines; Each line has a minimum daily capacity of 1.200 m3 of potable water and depending on conditions, its production can reach up to 1.400 m3 per day.   Both lines include seawater pre-treatment, Reverse Osmosis desalination and post-treatment.  Watera has successfully completed numerous Reverse Osmosis Desalination projects all over the world and has a unique practical experience in this field.