Cement Manufacturing

Cement and cement product manufacturers need a large, steady supply of water to operate, so they often rely on desalinated seawater when freshwater is scarce. Watera has supplied cement companies with filtration and desalination plants, allowing them to use desalinated seawater efficiently and without disruption, 24 hours a day.


Chemical Processing

Water is a critical ingredient in chemical manufacturing; high-quality water is needed for a range of applications, namely, production, material processing, and cooling. Low conductivity/high purity water is of significant importance for the preparation of numerous products in the chemical industry such as chemicals, detergents and cosmetics.


Metal Processing

In metal processing for industries like steel, copper, and aluminum, low-conductivity and soft water is required for various cooling needs in mills and smelters, as well as for casting in foundries. Demineralized water is essential in paint shops to ensure high-quality finished products.