New Containerized Seawater RO plant of 2.000 m3 per day capacity of potable water delivered by Watera.


In December 2021, Watera successfully delivered a new containerized seawater desalination plant to the island of Mykonos with a capacity of 2.000 m3 of potable water per day.

The plant was designed, manufactured and installed by Watera, within 4 months after the signing of the respective contract with the island’s Water and Sewage Public Authority.  The Plant consists of 2 separate lines; Each line has a minimum daily capacity of 1.000 m3 of potable water. Both lines include seawater pre-treatment, Reverse Osmosis desalination and post-treatment. In addition, Watera undertook all necessary infrastructure works including an innovative seawater intake. Over its 60-year history, Watera has successfully completed numerous Reverse Osmosis Desalination projects all over the world and has a unique practical experience in this field.