Watera International

Inauguration of 2 Reverse Osmosis desalination plants at Patmos island.

On 30 June, 2017 the Vice President of the Greek Goverment, Mr. Ioannis Dragassakis,inaugurated two reverse osmosis seawater desalination plants at the world renowned island of Patmos. Each plant has a capacity of 600 m³ of potable water per day. The plants were manufacturerd and supplied by Watera Hellas, which also undertook the installation as well as all necessary infrastructure works to ensure the proper operation of the plants. These infrastructure works included among others the laying out of the foundations, an open sea water intake installation and all necessary pipeworks. In addition, Watera will operate the plants under a seperate contract for 5 years. With these two plants, the island of Patmos will no longer have to rely on the expensive transportation of water from far away by water tanker ships.